Lucidity, Peace and Love

Kao biće koje je stiglo svetlost i dostiglo svetlost ponavljam: "Verujte čovek je mnogo savršeniji od ljudskih misli i dela... Mi smo zaista savršeniji od onoga što trenutno jesmo."

As a being of light that came and reached the brightness of light I repeat again, "Believe one is more perfect than human thoughts and doings ... We are really more perfect than what we currently have."

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good

Learn You a Haskell, the funkiest way to learn Haskell, which is the best functional programming language around. You may have heard of it. This guide is meant for people who have programmed already, but have yet to try functional programming.
The whole thing is completely free to read online, but it's also available in print and I encourage you to buy as many copies as you can afford!


Many exciting new functions and features are being thought up for CSS3. We will try and showcase some of them on this page, when they get implemented in either Firefox, Konqueror, Opera or Safari/Webkit.

Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 1

This class presents the fundamental probability and statistical concepts used in elementary data analysis. It will be taught at an introductory level for students with junior or senior college-level mathematical training including a working knowledge of calculus. A small amount of linear algebra and programming are useful for the class, but not required.

First Year Teaching (Elementary Grades) - Success from the Start

Success with your students starts on Day 1. Learn from NTC's 25 years developing key skills and strategies to create positive, productive classroom environments where students thrive. How do you build relationships with Elementary Grade (K-6) students, establish and maintain behavioral expectations, implement classroom procedures and routines, and use instructional time effectively?

Idejno urbanističko – arhitektonsko rešenje



More Awesome Than You Thought with Richard Minerich
A powerful language demands a powerful REPL and GHCi delivers just that. What appears on the surface to be a simple tool for learning Haskell and running scripts is in actuality a robust control panel for dynamically managing all aspects of computation. It's time to leave debugging with putStrLn behind and move on to controlling and inspecting execution like a proper time controlling Haskell wizard. Come discover just how easy it is.

100 Vim commands

Basics, Search, Replace, Case, Read/Write files, File explorer, Interact with Unix, Alignment, Tabs, Window spliting, Auto-completion, Marks, Abbreviations, Text indent, Syntax highlighting...

Clean URLs with Apache 2 on Ubuntu

How to fix a clean URL ... apache2.conf and Virtual Host setup?

sudo a2enmod rewrite
sudo service apache2 restart
sudo vim /etc/apache2/sites-available/default
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload


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